What to expect?

so – we’re not 100% sure what direction this page is going to go.

will this be a resource site for those that are Deaf AND those that are (or want to) learn ASL? we are certainly open to that – with the right information. If the time comes that we decide to do that, we’ll ask ALL OF YOU to send us resources that YOU have found helpful (whether it is a link to a website or a .pdf or whatever). I’m all about SHARING information – and by sharing, i mean to not re-create or re-invent the wheel – if someone has already done it, i’m good with sharing and giving them credit – or just linking back to their site.

one thing we DO know – is we DEFINITELY will use this site as a resource for sharing information on upcoming events “in the area” … and by that we mean – the northcoast area of Ohio – including the counties of Ashtabula, Cuyahoga, Geauga, Lake, Portage, Stark & Summit. That will be the first thing to get figured out as to how to post, what format and where to put them on the page.

Check back tomorrow and see what progress we’ve made.


Our First Blog Post (wow!)

So … after 12 years of existence, this group is venturing out into it’s own website AND domain name. YES! For the first time, you can actually just type www.mentoraslgroup.com – and it will take you to our WEBSITE – that you can utilize for reference (events, resources, other things we haven’t figured out yet), and you can also share with others. Speaking of “other things”, if you have suggestions on what you’d like to see added here – please send us a message (e-mail is preferred, but if you prefer you can also message via facebook or instagram) – see our contact info at the bottom of the page. Using this type of platform (the internet), we are no longer restricted to only reaching out to people that have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, My Space (whoops), etc.

We actually started playing with a website over the last month – but everytime i’d share the link and someone would try it, Google (which is who the FREE website WAS through), would require a google login/password to view the site. NOT COOL. So decided to use WordPress – as this seems to be the “more for your buck” – especially on the FREE version.

Speaking of “the FREE version” … if we need to jump up to a paid version, it’s not incredibly expensive … but we may need to put some of our own advertising on the site, or start selling “MENTOR ASL GROUP” logo-ed items on this site. Half joking … but seriously if anyone wants a “MENTOR ASL GROUP” item – open to ideas and i can have almost anything made (water bottles, mugs, shirts, hoodies, ceramic coasters) – almost anything big enough that the logo is readable (so NOT keychains, shoelaces, doorknobs … and we’re currently on the fence with bowties). Final product is made locally and by someone who has supported this group for years! If you’re relatively new to the group and aren’t familiar with what the logo looks like – be patient … once i figure how to post from my phone, i’ll upload the pic (baby steps! – lol).

I understand that blogs should be somewhat short, but frequent – so not to put everything out here at once … i’ll end now and save some more for the next time. Thank you for reading – and PLEASE keep coming back OR fill out the subscription thingy if you’d rather get e-mail updates. I think there is a way to get these posted to Facebook, too. once again – baby steps!