What to expect?

so – we’re not 100% sure what direction this page is going to go.

will this be a resource site for those that are Deaf AND those that are (or want to) learn ASL? we are certainly open to that – with the right information. If the time comes that we decide to do that, we’ll ask ALL OF YOU to send us resources that YOU have found helpful (whether it is a link to a website or a .pdf or whatever). I’m all about SHARING information – and by sharing, i mean to not re-create or re-invent the wheel – if someone has already done it, i’m good with sharing and giving them credit – or just linking back to their site.

one thing we DO know – is we DEFINITELY will use this site as a resource for sharing information on upcoming events “in the area” … and by that we mean – the northcoast area of Ohio – including the counties of Ashtabula, Cuyahoga, Geauga, Lake, Portage, Stark & Summit. That will be the first thing to get figured out as to how to post, what format and where to put them on the page.

Check back tomorrow and see what progress we’ve made.


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