#UpcomingASLeventsMonday (New Blog Feature) – coming soon!

C O M I N G S O O N !

As we expand our blog into several targeted audiences …

Beginning NEXT Monday (August 2 2021) we aim to have a blog post each Monday highlighting the UPCOMING ASL EVENTS that those in the community ask us to share.

If you have something you’d like us to share, please email it to us at mentoraslgroup@gmail.com.

** Please include “Share my Event” in the subject line.

** Any events that you wish to share should at a minimum include the following:

Name Of the Event

Date & Time of the event (including ending time if applicable)

Address of where the event is taking place

Any pertinent information including admission, requirement to make a purchase, age restriction, etc.

An email address or a text number that potential guests may reach out with any questions

We welcome your feedback! Keep your eyes open for other targeted blog posts on other days!

More info coming soon!

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