Regrading ASL In-Person Events

Hello! We hope you are staying safe and keeping healthy as the Delta variant ravages throughout our country.

Remember the best way to keep you AND others safe* and out of the hospital is to vaccinate and mask up (especially when indoors) if you are potentially near unvaccinated people.

NOTE: As variants AND research/data change, recommendations for proper mitigation may change as well. Consult CDC guidelines for the most up to date information.

THAT SAID … keep in mind that MOST of the ASL Events we share are not only indoors – but also held inside the walls of a business or organization (such as a coffee shop, restaurant, museum or college).

As such, the cancellation of events is often at the discretion of the building owner – and NOT neccessarily up to the ASL group that is hosting the event.

We suggest you check here or wherever you saw notification of the original event to make sure it had not been cancelled or postponed.

We will prioritize (to the best of our ability) posting any cancellation notifications that are emailed to us. However we cannot guarantee posting if we are given less than 24 hours notification.

Please let us know if you have any questions. Best way to reach us is by email ( We will respond quickly!

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