Regrading ASL In-Person Events

Hello! We hope you are staying safe and keeping healthy as the Delta variant ravages throughout our country. Remember the best way to keep you AND others safe* and out of the hospital is to vaccinate and mask up (especially when indoors) if you are potentially near unvaccinated people. NOTE: As variants AND research/data change,Continue reading “Regrading ASL In-Person Events”

#ASLStudentSaturday (Signing Savvy)

Signing Savvy is your complete sign language resource. Signing Savvy includes a sign language dictionary containing several thousand high-resolution videos of American Sign Language (ASL) signs, fingerspelled words, and other common signs used within the United States and Canada. Signing Savvy also includes a host of resources and tools to use while learning sign language,Continue reading “#ASLStudentSaturday (Signing Savvy)”

#DeafCultureThursday (CJ Reynaldo)!

Meet CJ Reynaldo, a deaf illustrator and graphic artist. His comic book “What’cha Say? – The Perks of Being A Deaf Person” gives readers a fun-filled first-hand learning experience of what it’s like to survive as “a deaf person in a hearing world.” Whether you use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or just a simple Google searchContinue reading “#DeafCultureThursday (CJ Reynaldo)!”

ASL Job Oppty: Project Manager – Cleveland Rape Crisis Center

The Cleveland Rape Crisis Center is looking for a Project Manager for their Deaf Pathways project.   Download pdf (below) for details! For questions or information, contact Maria. Her contact info is below. Maria O’Neil Ruddock, Psy.D. Director, Community Center for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing Cleveland Hearning & Speech Center 11635 Euclid AvenueContinue reading “ASL Job Oppty: Project Manager – Cleveland Rape Crisis Center”

Interpreter Job Oppty: Cleveland Metropolitan School District (Cleveland OH)

Cleveland Metropolitan School District is still in need of ASL interpreters for THIS coming school year starting mid-August! Job Posting HERE:Interpreter 2021 – 2022 ( After you submit an application, please email Dr. Dawn Hayden ( with the subject line “Interpreter Applicant” and your name, so they can find it ASAP.